If you or a loved one have lost a limb and desire to regain your functional independence, Brian Center Southpoint can help! Our team of therapists have had extensive training in rehabilitation techniques for the amputee. We collaborate with Limbionics of Durham to provide treatments that include:

  • Correction of gait disorders
  • Range of motion and muscle strengthening
  • Balance correction and training
  • Joint contracture prevention and management
  • Education and assistance with prosthetic limbs
  • Gait training with a prosthesis
  • Use of mobility aids
  • Pain management
  • Limb desensitization
  • Mirror therapy for phantom pain
  • Wound care/healing of the residual limb
  • Volume management of the residual limb

Check out our amputee program to learn more about how we can help you or your loved one return to their highest level of independence!