Occupational Therapy in a Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Environment like the Brian Center Health and Rehab - Durham plays an important role in a patient's recovery and their safe return home. OT treatments can include: 

- Training in self-care skills, specifically activities of daily living (ADLs) such as feeding or eating, grooming, dressing, bathing, and toileting

- Providing training in the use of adaptive equipment, compensatory techniques, and environmental modifications to increase safety and independence for patients in the Durham area.

- Remediating instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) related to the patient's discharge environment, such as preparing a meal or managing one's home or finances

- Training in functional mobility such as how to complete household tasks while using an ambulatory device

- Addressing behavioral health needs of Durham occupational therapy clients, such as depression or anxiety, in collaboration with other facility staff

- Preparing the client and family for community reintegration (as appropriate for the client's discharge site) with activities such as public dining or emergency response management

- Assessing the need for and recommending potential home modifications and safety equipment to reduce barriers and promote safe functioning upon discharge

- Educating clients and/or caregivers on community resources in the Durham area and strategies to support needs

- Assessing current leisure skills to determine whether modifications are needed to continue participation and/or assisting with exploration of new leisure pursuits

Please join us in recognizing the Brian Center Health and Rehab -Durham's caring and dedicated Occupational Therapists during "National OT Month" - Rebecca Galvin, Niki Quady, Miki Koradia, Hector Borrero, Marga de'Bruijn, Krista Coutler, Courtney Simmons, Ashley Clayton, Kim Beaver, and Lauren Horner