Physical therapy is designed to examine, evaluate, and treat individuals who have conditions that cause pain and that affect their ability to move freely. Injuries, osteoporosis, back pain, neck pain, wounds, and other conditions can wreak havoc on an individual’s body, thus making their quality of life lower than it should be. It can not only help people recover from pain, but it also helps them gain increased mobility and the use of affected areas. Aside from physical pain, did you know that physical therapy is also good for the mind? We’ll discuss a few of the key benefits of physical therapy in Durham and how it can help you or a loved one today.

Improve Mobility & Function

No matter what area of your body is aching—your knee, shoulder, back, or neck—our physical therapists have an established history of assisting individuals in improving their quality of life. Our highly trained staff can help you regain movement without discomfort and pain. You’ll feel renewed and invigorated when you realize what you’ve accomplished.

Improved Quality of Life

Illness and injury can be daunting for anyone. When your illness or injury prevents you from doing what you love to do, or leaves you in enormous pain, your mind can also be negatively affected. You may experience hopelessness or depression, but you don’t have to suffer in silence. Physical therapy can address your pain and help you regain movement and independence. You’ll be able to accomplish more, making it easier for your mind to release those negative feelings and focus on more positive things.

Reduce the Risk of Injury

Injuries from falls are a major factor in the loss of mobility in the elderly. Physical therapy is proven to improve balance and reduce the risk of falls, making the elderly less prone to experiencing injuries from falls. Those who’ve experienced sports-related injuries can also benefit from physical therapy. Physical therapists know how the body works and can help individuals develop a customized plan of exercise and rehabilitation to reduce the risk of future sports injuries.

Avoid Surgery

Our physical therapists can help you avoid expensive, painful, and in some cases, invasive surgeries. When combined with comprehensive medical management, physical therapy can be as effective as surgery in addressing moderate to severe pain and stiffness.

The Brian Center of Durham provides physical therapy to our patients in Durham and the surrounding areas. Our highly trained physical therapists can design an individualized treatment program to assist you in achieving your highest level of functional mobility. Our physical therapy in Durham, NC works to help strengthen muscle groups that may have decreased mobility due to an injury or surgical procedure.

Learn more about how our physical therapy services can help you or a loved one today!