You don’t have to be recovering from a serious injury or enjoying your golden years to benefit from physical therapy in Durham, NC. In fact, most physical therapy is often used for common chronic issues that include general wear and tear on your body. This also includes issues that are part of the normal aging process. If you’re experiencing some of the following signs or symptoms, you might want to discuss them with your primary care physician to determine whether or not a referral is necessary.

Sharp Pain

In most cases, dull pain is successfully treated with an ice pack and rest. However, centralized, sharp pain could be indicative of a stress factor or muscle strain. If you do not address the underlying injury behind the sharp, sudden pain, you pain may not subside. In order to get long-term relief, working with a physical therapist may be your best option.

Lingering Pain

Having some pain following an intense workout is normal. Rest should address this, but if you’re still experiencing pain after applying an ice pack and resting for a few days, it might be time to explore physical therapy in Durham, NC. Talk to your doctor if you have consistent pain and they may recommend you to a physical therapist.

Injury and Trauma

Sudden or traumatic injuries can benefit from physical therapy. Muscle tears and broken bones are two of the most common injuries that are treated by physical therapists. When you experience sudden trauma, it is important to take care of the problem at hand, so the issue doesn’t get significantly worse down the road.

Pain Medication is Ineffective

Your primary doctor may prescribe pain medication to manage pain and discomfort. Of course, if the discomfort continues even after using pain relief, it may be time to ask for a referral for physical therapy.

Noticeable Changes

The truth of the matter is only you know your body. If you notice any physical changes in your body, especially in areas experiencing pain, schedule an appointment to talk with your doctor. If you are experiencing sudden discomfort and localized pain, you may benefit from working  with a physical therapist.

Brian Center of Durham is a provider of physical therapy in Durham, NC.  Our physical therapists design individualized treatment programs to assist patients in achieving their highest level of functional mobility.

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