Brian Center Southpoint has some exciting news to share!

We have recently opened a brand new state-of-the-art rehab gym as well as a new dining room, which is one of four dining rooms. 

New physical therapy gym in Durham, North Carolina

The existing main dining room was converted into a full-service rehab gym, combining both OT and PT services and creating approximately 2200 square feet. The greatly enlarged gym space is now housing much needed equipment, such as a mobile hydrocollator, cycle table platforms, and  electric tilt table, just to name a few. This equipment will reinforce the therapeutic techniques offered at the Brian Center, offering the highest level of therapy services to more effectively treat residents.

New bistro dining at nursing care and rehabilitation center in Durham NC.

The main dining room has replaced the former rehab gym to make for a a bistro-like experience. In part this was accomplished by pushing out the exterior wall. This helps to create sufficient space to incorporate a fine dining motif while also viewing "memory" gardens by a waterfall. 

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