Joint weakness can be successfully treated in over 75% of people.

What do we know about joint replacement?

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, more than half a million hip and knee replacements are performed each year. These surgeries have proven to be remarkably successful in eliminating pain and restoring function in joints severely affected with arthritis. Patients recovering from joint replacement, however, often face pain, swelling, and stiffness in their new joint, along with muscle weakness that can persist for years after surgery. New advances in post-surgical rehabilitation can help.

What treatments work?

Joint swelling and pain can make muscles weak, which occurs with arthritis as well as after surgery. Programs like ours use advanced rehabilitation techniques that have been shown to reduce pain and swelling while accelerating strength and mobility, so that a healthy, active lifestyle may resume after joint replacement.

Light therapy and ultrasound to reduce joint pain, stiffness and swelling. – High frequency ultrasound waves along with red and infrared light has been shown to bring comfort to your painful joint and muscles.

Exercises and electrical stimulation for increasing motion and strength. – Slow, gentle stretches and simple strengthening exercises alone or in combination with mild, comfortable electrical pulses can improve joint movement and increase muscle strength in your leg.

Who should try our program?

You or a loved one should try our program if you or they have:

Pain, stiffness, or swelling in the hip or knee
Side effects from pain medications
Unsteadiness while standing, walking, or turning
A lack of full movement or strength in the knee or hip
A fear of falling
Difficulty standing up or climbing stairs
Enroll in our program today. By working together, we can help to treat the pain and stiffness in your joints.