With the memory of the earthquake occurring in Haiti on 1/12/10, there are overwhelming health and medical needs in Haiti.  As members of Brian Center Southpoint, we are interested in providing assistance by contributing money to “Doctors Without Borders” this month. “Doctors Without Borders” already has a presence in Haiti and is able to provide quality health care. Their hospitals have also been damaged by the earthquake and will require rebuilding, but all funds provided to them will be efficiently used to restore their hospitals and continue providing health care. Please provide all funds to either Ruth Tasgal or CeCe Eckert and we will keep you posted in meeting our goal.

GOAL: $5000

Fundraiser results for “Doctors Without Borders” which ran from 1/22/10—2/22/10.  Thank you to Brian Center Southpoint staff who have contributed to this worthy cause… we have raised  $2047. A special thank you to our administrator, Don Joseph, who participated generously in this effort. In addition, thank you to the administrative staff who participated with energy, time, and bright smiles during the day spent at Kroger soliciting funds. We have aimed for the stars and have landed on the moon!!!