This past Sunday, April 7, 2013, Brian Center Health and Rehab - Durham proudly hosted 15 athletes who participated in a weekend training camp in preparation for triathlons: swimming, biking, and running events. Athletes from various parts of the southeast came together for an elegant luncheon as the grande finale to their training weekend. Stacey Richardson, wellness coach and owner of TRIstacey Coaching, says, "We were all impressed with the beauty of the facility, the staff, and the food carefully prepared by your chef."

This event begins a series of collaborative efforts between TRIstacey Coaching and Brian Center Health and Rehab - Durham. Future events in development include on-site employee wellness programming, yoga classes, and open community events like health fairs, road races, and walking clubs.

If you are interested in upcoming offerings, please feel free to email Stacey Richardson at Special events will also be listed under the Wellness tab at TRIstacey Coaching’s website: