If your doctor has referred you to complete physical therapy, you likely have a multitude of questions. Who are physical therapists, what is physical therapy, how will physical therapy help me? Read on for the answers to these questions and more!

Who are Physical Therapists?

If you’ve ever had an injury, undergone surgery, or recovered from an ailment, it’s likely that you’ve been to see a physical therapist. Physical therapists are medical professionals that specialize in getting patients moving and helping to reduce pain. In short, physical therapists teach their patients how to prevent or manage their conditions to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Where Will I Find a Physical Therapist?

If you’ve ever been to a hospital, chances are, you’ve seen a physical therapist. Many physical therapists help patients who are recovering from illness or surgery in hospitals, though they also work in a variety of other settings. Physical therapists can also be found working in clinics, schools, sports facilities, private practice offices, nursing homes and a variety of other areas.

What is Physical Therapy?

The goal of physical therapy treatments is to help you move better, relieve pain, and help you through your everyday life. Whether it is recovery post-surgery or illness, or help with pain relief and return of mobility, physical therapy is an essential part of the recovery plan for many patients.

What Should I Expect When I See a Physical Therapist?

When you visit a physical therapist, your therapist will talk to you about your symptoms and your level of activity. Then, your therapist will talk with you about realistic goals so you can work together to create a recovery plan.

Once you create a plan, your physical therapy will almost always include some exercising, whether it is used to increase mobility or flexibility, relieve pain or increase your physical fitness. Your exercise might include stretching, weightlifting, cardio exercise, or some combination of all three.

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