At Brian Center Southpoint, we understand that amputee care involves much more than physical rehabilitation. Each patient and each amputation is unique. Our elite, interdisciplinary team specializes in caring for patients both pre and post-amputation, and we offer inpatient as well as outpatient care. Let Brian Center Southpoint help you reach your goals!

What Makes Brian Center Different?

At Brian Center Southpoint, we have a multi-faceted approach to amputee care that can assist the patient both pre- and post-amputation. Our program consists of the following components:

Inpatient Services

  • Daily physical and occupational therapy from therapists specially trained in rehabilitation for amputees. Learn more about our specific amputee therapy services here.
  • Speech therapy services available, if needed.
  • 24 hour nursing care.
  • Physicians in building or on call 24 hours a day.
  • Wound care nurses trained in wound healing and residual limb care.
  • Treatment by award winning and nationally renowned prosthetist and orthotist, Brittany Stresing of Limbionics of Durham.
  • Peer visitors: allows patients to meet one-on-one with another amputee with whom they can privately speak to better their understanding of what lies ahead for their amputation care.

Once discharged from the facility, patients can return for outpatient therapy services in order to improve continuity of care and help patients continue to reach their goals.

Community Networking

Brian Center Southpoint is happy to assist patients in finding community resources for vocational rehab, adaptive technology, recreational therapy, adaptive athletics, psychology services, or any other resources the patient might find beneficial.

Contact us today to see if our Amputation Program can benefit you!