Brian Center Southpoint's Life Enrichment Program provides opportunities for residents to lead and actively participate in a variety of musical concerts and events, current events and news, arts & crafts, book clubs, creative cooking classes, and more.  Every month, we have an exciting and fun-filled calendar of activities and events which keep our residents happy and full of life. The content and quality of the programs is based on the resident’s individual interests that are shared with our life enrichment and activity team upon admission to our caring community. 

The activities are posted on a calendar of events that is available to each resident & also posted in large print where a wheelchair-bound resident can easily see it.


Life Enrichment Activities at Brian Center Southpoint

Some exciting activities that we offer are: 

  • Monthly Birthday Parties & Celebrations of Various Holidays (Both secular and religious.)
  • Musical Events & Programs
  • Games Night (Bingo is a favorite for many, but bridge, chess, and other games for smaller groups are available.)
  • Outdoor activities include gardening, cookouts, or just enjoying time in the sun alone or with a friend. 
  • Trips and tours to community events. 
  • Resident discussion groups – sometimes a resident is an expert on a particular subject and will be the group leader.
  • Exercise and physical fitness. Community leaders often volunteer to lead yoga or other exercise sessions. Even wheelchair-bound residents find satisfaction in exercising on a regular basis.
  • Books & Magazine Mobile. Volunteers run a book service, taking a cart of books to the room of immobile residents. Talking books for the blind may be part of the service. Many people help with reading to those unable to see well. 
  • Coffee hour! Our social hours provide a time of resident interaction. It is a particularly nice time for volunteers, family, and friends to join the residents. 
  • Arts and crafts program. This is a great time for our residents to express their creativity. 
  • We welcome denominational groups to provide religious services in the community for those residents who wish to attend.

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