Research has shown that where an amputee goes for rehabilitation can make a difference in their recovery.  Brian Center Southpoint offers a comprehensive amputee therapy program that addresses all aspects of recovery from wound care to mobility training and even support groups and community resources.

What is Amputee Therapy?

  • At Brian Center Southpoint we are able to assist with
  • Post-surgical care and limb volume management
  • Increasing strength and range of motion to prepare the patient for using a prosthesis
  • Pain management and desensitization of the limb
  • Design and fitting of a prosthesis
  • Mobility training with a prosthesis
  • Patient training to increase confidence and avoid any further complications
  • Individualized training for specific patient goals to allow them to return to activities they desire to do.

Why Choose Brian Center for Amputee Therapy?

The days following an amputation are critical for setting the amputee on the right path towards rehabilitation. Brian Center has a very experienced wound care nurse to ensure new amputations are well cared for throughout the recovery process.

Brian Center works closely with Britany Stresing, CPO and owner of LimBionics of Durham.  Brittany is a nationally renowned prosthetist/orthotist and has been awarded the title of Fellow of the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists, the highest title in her profession. Britany assists in caring of the residual limb and then designs and creates a prosthetic limb to specifically meet each patient’s individual needs. You are walked through the prosthetic process, step-by-step, to create a custom prosthetic, designed just for you!

Specialized Support at Every Turn

We understand that amputations are a difficult event to go through, and we never want you to go through it alone. We also understand that no one knows an amputation process like another amputee. At Brian Center Southpoint, we have individual peer visitors that are available to provide one on one conversations from one amputee to another, helping to answer questions and provide support.

With our Amputee Therapy Program in Durham, NC, our patients become apart of ABLE(Amputees Believing in a Life Empowered), a certified support group by the Amputee Coalition of America that meets once a month at Brian Center Southpoint.  It is open to anyone who has lost a limb, may lose a limb, family members or friends of an amputee, or healthcare providers wishing to advise those with amputations on ways to improve their quality of life. We believe in empowering members with knowledge and positivity in order to help meet their goals and improve their lives.

We are committed to helping our patients return to activities they previously enjoyed.  This includes providing patients with resources for adaptive sports, community activities and referrals for services such as vehicle modifications and specialized adaptive equipment.

Experienced Amputee Therapists

Our therapists have had extensive training in amputee care.  The rehab team provides compassionate and skilled therapy to strengthen the patient and allow them the most opportunities to return to the lifestyle they desire.  Patients can be seen in both the inpatient and outpatient setting to provide improved continuity of care.

Want to learn more about Amputee Therapy at Brian Center Southpoint?