Brian Center Southpoint has teamed up with Motion Therapeutics, Inc. to bring a non-invasive treatment option in treating balance problems, coordination and unsteady gait.

After 10 years of research, this non-invasive, immediately effective therapeutic treatment for balance problems is now available here at Brian Center Southpoint. BalanceWear® is a new treatment option for a wide variety of neurologic and orthopedic balance disorders including MS balance problems, Parkinson’s disease and balance disorders, Ataxia and balance, Stroke and balance issues, spinal disc dysfunction and more.

BalanceWear® is a new wearable product that often enables patients to regain much of their balance and mobility immediately upon application regardless of the clinical cause of any imbalance.

Brian Center Southpoint has 6 therapists that have been trained to evaluate and fit you for the balance vest through our Steady Strides program.

How It Works

BalanceWear® enables “counter-balancing” of your body to overcome balance losses caused by a multitude of neurologic and orthopedic conditions.

A therapist will assess you for directional instability. Once your personal balance loses are identified, the therapist will place very light weights strategically at one or more locations on your trunk to change the stability of your trunk and counter-balance your body. When balance is improved, your body begins to move with more coordination and control.

For more information, please visit Motion Therapeutics' website, or call Brian Center Southpoint at (919) 694-7927 for more information.