Brian Center Southpoint offers comprehensive pain management services to our patients on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. Our experienced staff are highly-trained in treating patients with a variety of pain conditions. We offer pain management services in Durham, North Carolina to fit the needs of each patient. These services include Ultrasound, ShortWave Diathermy, and Electrical Stimulation, all designed to help relieve patients of pain and help them regain mobility.

Short Wave Diathermy

Short Wave Diathermy uses a short wave radio frequency for heat therapy. This allows for a decrease in pain, inflammation, and edema, which can increase a client’s comfort and tolerance to treatment.  It promotes increased range of motion of a joint and increases blood flow to an area promoting healing of wounds and fractures. It is used in conjunction with physical therapy and occupational therapy interventions to help improve function and recovery.

Electrical Stimulation

The application of electrical stimulation is used as an aid for improving strength, decreasing pain and swelling, and for relieving muscle spasms.  It stimulates muscles in a wide variety of protocols to facilitate muscle contractions for the treatment of muscular and neural deficits as well as decrease pain.

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