Brian Center Southpoint is proud to now offer Lee Silverman Voice Therapy (LSVT) to our speech therapy patients in Durham. Often times, conditions that affect a patient’s larynx can leave them unable to communicate clearly, swallow, or even utilize facial expressions. LSVT is designed to help these patients regain the ability to speak clearly and loudly while also improving the muscular strength of their larynx, which can lead to numerous instances of increased quality of life.

What exactly is LSVT?

Lee Silverman Voice Therapy, or LSVT, is a treatment program that is designed to help improve a patient’s speech, vocal loudness, articulatory function, and respiratory and laryngeal ability. LSVT is a comprehensive treatment that is administered over the course of a month. Based on a patient’s individual needs, the treatment is usually scheduled over 16 sessions that last about an hour each. 

This focus on improving the strength and responsiveness of the patient’s laryngeal muscles can do more than just improve speech and vocal ability. In some cases, diminished facial expression can be regained, ability to swallow can return and most importantly, articulation can be improved. This treatment can help patients once again communicate clearly and effectively with those around them. Now, speech therapy patients in Chapel Hill and Durham don’t need to travel far for these helpful, but frequent sessions. You can now receive this innovative treatment right here at Brian Center Southpoint.

How does LSVT help improve speech?

LSVT is designed to increase the strength of the laryngeal muscles, allowing for the voice to project and articulation to improve with more vocal muscle control. In addition, this treatment method mirrors the motor skills learning process as well as focusing on training the nervous system to respond to signals. This not only stimulates the motor system but also improves sensory awareness, allowing for patients to achieve maximum results. Patients in Chapel Hill, Durham, and the surrounding areas can now access this innovative program right around the corner.

Who can benefit from LSVT?

While LSVT was designed with Parkinson's disease sufferers in mind, these patients are not the only ones who can benefit from this therapy. LSVT has also been applied to individuals with subtypes of PD (Shy-Drager syndrome, multi-system atrophy, and progressive supranuclear palsy). Recently, LSVT has also provided positive outcomes for individuals suffering from a stroke, multiple sclerosis, Down syndrome, or cerebral palsy. 

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