There are many conditions, such as a stroke, that can cause a patient to lose the ability to swallow, know as Dysphagia. Dysphagia can be a crippling side effect to those who are accustomed to their independence. Recovery can be difficult, time consuming, or in some extreme cases, non existent. Brian Center Southpoint is excited to offer hope to dysphagia sufferers with this innovative speech therapy treatment designed to aid in patient recovery.

VitalStim, the Newest Treatment for Dysphagia

In the past, dysphagia sufferers were forced to spend countless hours working with a therapist to regain the ability to swallow. Frequently, dysphagia sufferers were left with minimal results and were unable to return to a fully independent lifestyle or enjoy the foods they loved. VitalStim is designed to work in conjunction with traditional dysphagia therapies to increase their effectiveness and vastly speed up a patient’s recovery time. Now, Brian Center Southpoint has made this incredible dysphagia treatment available in the greater Durham area.

How VitalStim Can Help Your Dysphagia

Unlike traditional dysphagia therapies, VitalStim is a unique physical stimulation system that utilizes gentle electrical stimulation on the anterior of the patient’s neck. When administered alongside traditional swallowing exercises, VitalStim has been shown to help shorten the recovery time of a restricted diet and allow patients to achieve sustained improvement and long term results. 

Don’t force yourself to miss out on the foods and lifestyle you love.

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